As part of our literature study on Newbery Award winning books, you now all have wikispaces assigned to you!!

What is a wiki?

Most of you are familiar with Wikipedia. Wikipedia is an online collection of information that has been compiled with input from MANY sources. The reason we do not like to use Wikipedia as a resource is that the reliability of the information is often questionable due to the fact that anyone can contribute/edit/change the information. Your wiki is similar to wikipedia in that it is an online collection of information that can be changed, however, you have the power to determine who contributes or changes the information on your wikipage.

Why are we using wikis?
We are going to be using the wikis in conjunction with our literature study. Each week you will be getting an assignment menu of choices. Your choices will include literature response questions, journal entries and more technology oriented questions. You have the choice regarding which item you want to work on each week AND how involved you want to get with your wiki. If you are not a technology person, you do not have to use the wiki. If you LOVE technology, you're probably going to really enjoy some of the technology assignments.

How do we access our wikis?
This part is tricky...get it? tricky wiki...tee hee. Anyway, in order to access your wiki account, you need to get two types of permission. First, you need to ask a parent to request permission from me, the account administrator, via e-mail to access the wikipage. Once I receive the e-mail, I will grant permission for you to access the account and you will be off and running!