Editing your Wikispace

To edit your wikispace, AFTER YOU HAVE SIGNED IN, you will get a button at the top of your space that looks like this:

That button will allow you to type information on your wikispace just like a word processor.

Adding Pictures

First, save a picture file (.jpg, .gif, .bmp) onto a location that you can find it. (your hard drive or a jump drive)

Then, select the button that looks like a picture of a tree on the editor bar.

When you click upload, you need to identify the location that you saved your picture file.

Once the file has been uploaded, you'll see a little picture of it. Click that picture twice and it will place the image where your cursor is on the page.

Be sure to click save before you try to view your picture, otherwise it will just say media and you might be confused.

Adding Widgets

First you need to find a widget somewhere else on the internet. Widgetbox.com is a good location. To get the widget, you'll have to find where it says "embed code" for the widget. You have to copy the code in order to put that widget on your website.

Code typically looks like a LOT of nonsense letters and symbols--but it is the computer language that creates the widget for your wikispace.

Once you have copied the code (you might want to do this in another browser window), come back to your wikispace.

Click Edit this page and click on the little T.V. on the editor bar.

Go down to the section that says "other html" and click on that. Then, paste in the code for your widget. Be sure to save so you can see your widget. You'll know it pasted correctly if a grey box labeled "media" appears.