Below are the homework menu choices. This menu is to be used with your reading book. Each night that “Homework Menu” work is assigned, you are to choose one item from the chart and complete it based on the book you are reading. YOU MAY NOT CHOSE THE SAME NUMBER TWICE!

#1. You may complete ANY item on your wiki page including basic questions that need to be answered. If you chose to answer questions on the wiki, PLEASE date the response AND turn in the worksheet indicating that your response is on your wiki.

#2. You DO NOT HAVE to do the wiki work--especially if you have difficulty obtaining internet access. If you do not use the wikispace, simply complete it on the Homework Menu worksheet.

Choice #1:

Find and

List at least six words or phrases from your book that you would like to add to your personal vocabulary. Write a definition for each word

Choice #2:

What were the surprises in the chapter? Tell about two or three instances where you could not have predicted what happened.

Choice #3:

If you were the author, would change anything in the story? What would you change and why?

Choice #4:

What do you think was the most important part of the story so far? What happened, and why was it important?

Choice #5:

Collect 6 sesquipedalian words. List them, look them up, and then tell which one you like best and why.

Choice #6:

Some books have more than one problem. Write about a problem that is mentioned in your book.

Choice #7:

How important was the title? Would you change it? What title would you give it? Why?

Choice #8:

Draw a picture of the most interesting part of your book. Caption the picture with 2 or 3 sentences explaining the scene you’ve pictured.

Choice #9:

What was the main problem of the story? How was it solved?

Choice #10:

Create 10 test questions about your book. Type the questions into Embed the quiz into your wikispace.
Choice #11:

Write a prediction about the events that may take place next in your story. Use information in the text + background knowledge!!

Choice #12:

Use to create a three panel cartoon of dialogue between characters in your book. Place on wiki. This website requires registration

Choice #13:

Create a Voki for the author telling WHY he or she wrote the book. Embed the voki into your wikisite.

Choice #14:

Create a character map using Insert the map into your wikisite.

Choice #15:

Create a traitr of the main character in the book. Below it include 6 character traits to describe his or her personality.

Choice #16:

Respond to the following question on your teacher’s blog: I am most like <character’s name> in the book because….. Go to the blog at:

Choice #17:

Voicethread 4 symbols representing a section your book. In the voicethread, describe why you chose each symbol and what it represents. Embed your voicethread into your wiki.

Choice #18:

Design a survey at polldaddy and embed the widget onto your wikispace. This website requires registration
Choice #19:

Make a wordle using the title, author, character names, setting and other important words regarding your book.

Choice #20:

Create flashcards on and provide a link to the set on your wiki.

Choice #21:

At this point in the story, what three questions would you ask the author if he or she were here?

Choice #22:

What was the setting of this section of your book? How did the author tell you about the setting?

Choice #23:

How did the cover art prepare you for the story? Describe it. Was the illustration accurate?

Choice #24:

If you were able to meet one of the characters, whom would you choose and what would you talk about?

Choice #25:

Find a total of at least 6 examples of: personification, alliteration, metaphors, smiles, onomatopoeia or idioms